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College Admissions Planning:
Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina – the name has such a sweet ring to it. Not only is it the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, but educationally, it’s definitely in the race. 

University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Chapel Hill and The Davidson College excel in STEM education. Close by, are several universities that round out the primary contenders for top paying jobs in all walks of sciences – biology, computer, research -- and business. Let’s not forget Duke, a North Carolina favorite.

Ardrey Kell High School, Cato Middle College High School, Highland School of Technology, Pine Lake Preparatory, Marvin Ridge High School, Central Academy of Technology and Arts, and Providence High School are just some of the schools in Charlotte that groom the “favorites” for these universities and others around the country. The college preparatory programs in these schools have no equal. 

But that academic preparation is not all it takes.

Along with this incredible reputation for superior higher education – or maybe because of it -- each university has its own labyrinth of requirements for admission and further key resume items that they target for a fit to major. What this means is that a student can get in, but if their application does not demonstrate determination to succeed in a major, that preferred major may just slip by.

Access College America aims at exactly that: preparing you by finding your focus for successful application to any college of your choice, in the major of your choice, anywhere in America, including the schools that you may have thought were out of reach. Careful preparation starting even before Junior year of high school, guided by the professionals at Access College, can bring you closer to the future that you envision for yourself in the career that you have dreamt of. 

Our professionals have made your college acceptance their priority, specializing in the best universities and majors not only in and around Charlotte, but also the entire eastern seaboard. If any of these schools is in your top ten, contact us now. Don’t wait until it’s time to submit the application. Let Access College America help you succeed before you have even started.

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